NCI Resources for Cancer Immunoprevention Research

Program Name (Abbreviation) Resources Available to All Researchers How to Access Program Website
Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) Reference samples for ovary, pancreas, liver, colon, prostate, and other cancer types For requesting samples, go to: View Website
Human Tumor Atlas Network (HTAN) Spatial transcriptomic data, IHC data, single cell genomic data, tissue image data, etc. For more information, visit: https:// View Website
NIAID Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium (VAC) Adjuvant metadata and adjuvant IP-holder information For more information about VAC: email; Contact adjuvant IP-holder directly for specific adjuvant(s) of interest View Website
NIAID Adjuvant Comparison Programs Information about the comparison programs Contact the Program Officers for the respective programs View Website
NIAID Adjuvant Comparison and Characterization (ACC) Program Adjuvant metadata available through VAC; Immunologic data available through ImmPort Visit the VAC and ImmPort websites View Website
PREVENT Cancer Preclinical Drug Development Program (PREVENT) NCI Contract resources to support:
  • Preclinical pharmacology and efficacy studies
  • Identification and evaluation of intermediate biomarkers
  • Formulation optimization for enhanced bioavailability and clinical usefulness
  • Analytic method development for investigational agents in bulk form and in biological fluids and tissues
  • PK and PK/PD modeling to optimize dosing regimen
  • Scale-up non-cGMP and cGMP production of an investigational agent
  • Preclinical Investigational New Drug–directed good laboratory practice toxicology studies
  • Regulatory support
PREVENT accepts applications from extramural researchers twice a year Applications and submission instructions can be found on the PREVENT website.

View Website

Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet) Support for clinical trials, including management/oversight, trial conduct, participant care, and primary/secondary endpoint analysis Join CP-CTNet via an LAO. Contact Eva Szabo, MD, Director CP-CTNet: View Website

PD = pharmacodynamics
PK = pharmacokinetics
LAO = Lead Academic Organization
cGMP = cyclic guanosine 30,50-monophosphate
NOTE: newly launched programs, Translational and Basic Science Research in Early Lesions (TBEL) Program, Cancer Prevention-Interception Targeted Agent Discovery Program (CAP-IT), and Cancer Immunoprevention Network (CIP-Net), are not included in the table.

Sei S et al. NCI resources for cancer immunoprevention research. Cancer Immunol Res (2024) 12 (4): 387–392.